Bullshit Jobs

How can some people get paid to do little or nothing (assuming it is not a sinecure, as when a politician pays his wife to be his secretary) ?

I was employed by Statens IT to assist an overworked external consultant, but he had no desire to give me anything to do, because he wanted to remain indispensible. So I had to invent things to do. It wasn’t that there was nothing to do, but everything was someone elses official job.


Turkish Embassy fire bombed

Somebody threw a Molotov cocktail at the Turkish Embassy last night. The Danish Television News managed to report the incident without mentioning that Turkey has invaded and occupied the city of Afrin in northern Syria, displaced hundreds of thousands of people and introduced an Islamist reign of terror. They could not speculate as to why anyone would want to protest….


Hvis man søger efter Afrin på dr.dk er den sidste rapport denne totalt misvisende overskrift:


Jeg vidste at emnet var fortiet, men det er alligevel meget værre end jeg havde forestillet mig. At syriske styrker skulle angribe Tyrkiet er decideret det modsatte af virkligheden.




Israeli jet shot down

It’s amazing that when Israel bombs Syria again, and the Syrians shoot down an Israeli jet for the first time, this is presented as Syrian aggression against Israeli self defense. The Israelis have been bombing Syria for years, and occupy the Golan in defiance of international law, but that is seen as the natural order, which is threatened by the Syrians actually defending themselves.

Why and wherefore

I just gave up on my Virtual Private Server, after a couple of years of vaguely messing around with Django and Web2Py.  I don’t really have the time for it, and it is far too expensive, just for the luxury of using Python. Also renelloyd.dk will stop working soon.